Unsouled (Cradle Book 1) by Will Wight eBook in ePUB/PDF formats free download ore read online in your browser. Introducing the completed 12-book series, Cradle! The journey commences in Unsouled Will Wight pdf and reaches its conclusion in Waybound.

In this epic tale, we follow the life of Lindon, who is born as an Unsouled, rendering him incapable of harnessing the magical Paths of the sacred arts that his family and others possess.

Despite his limitations, Lindon strives to enhance his existence by employing every possible trick and technique he can acquire through borrowing or thievery. However, he faces the harsh reality that he may never ascend to the echelons of true power.

Everything changes when the heavens bestow upon him a revelation of the future.

Lindon finds himself bestowed with a unique ability, becoming the sole individual who can perceive the impending doom threatening his homeland. Driven by this newfound responsibility, he embarks on a journey far from home, determined to save his people and his land.

Along the way, he sets out to discover the potential that lies within him by forging his own individualized Path. The fate of his world rests in his hands as he faces challenges, battles adversaries, and strives to unlock his true potential.

Book NameUnsouled (Cradle Book 1)
AuthorWill Wight
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, eBook

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