A Market of Dreams and Destiny by Trip Galey eBook free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free.

“A Market of Dreams and Destiny ePUB” by Trip Galey takes readers on a thrilling journey through the enchanting and treacherous Untermarkt beneath Covent Garden in a London unlike our own.

In this high-stakes magical adventure, where fate and fortunes are commodities for sale, we follow the story of Deri, a young man who was sold into servitude to one of the Market’s most powerful merchants as a child. Deri’s chance for freedom and a coveted place among the Market’s elite arises when he encounters a runaway princess desperate to sell her royal destiny. However, as news of the missing princess spreads, royal enforcers and Master Merchants pursue the coveted destiny, making Deri’s path fraught with danger. Amidst the chaos, Deri also discovers love in the form of Owain, but their relationship becomes entangled in the Market’s nefarious schemes. As Deri strives to sell the royal destiny, make a name for himself, and protect his newfound love, he realizes that the price he must pay could alter the destiny of London forever.

This captivating blend of fantasy, queer romance, and historical fiction is a must-read for fans of “Neverwhere” and “The Night Circus.”

With its intriguing premise and a richly developed world, “A Market of Dreams and Destiny” promises an unforgettable adventure across 400 pages of spellbinding storytelling.

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