Alissa’s Mates by Laura Wylde, an Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance eBook free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free.

In “Alissa’s Mates Laura Wylde ePUB,” a renowned war correspondent finds herself in a deadly game of survival as she becomes the target of relentless rogue wolf shifters. Hunted and threatened, she discovers solace in the protective embrace of Carson’s pack – four devoted ex-military operatives determined to shield their destined mate from danger. As the bond between them deepens, not only do they face external perils, but also the intoxicating allure of forbidden desire. Carson, the charismatic Alpha, leads with unwavering valor and a heart brimming with compassion. James, the astute Beta, tempers the group with his wisdom and patience. Billy, the unyielding tank, exemplifies both fierce loyalty and innate integrity. Samuel, the roguish entry specialist, charms with his quick wit and enigmatic smile. As trust is rekindled and passion ignites, the line between love and vulnerability blurs. In a battle where the stakes are high and emotions run wild, they must navigate the treacherous terrain of both love and war, all while ensuring that their smoldering connection doesn’t inadvertently hand victory to the enemy.

With suspense, passion, and heart-pounding action, this eBook – Alissa’s Mates Laura Wylde ePUB unveils whether love can truly conquer all, even in the midst of the most dire circumstances.

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