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“All Tucked Inn ePUB” by Rachel Hanna is a captivating tale set in the timeless town of Jubilee, where the charming All Tucked Inn harbors generations of family secrets. Lanelle Callaway, the unwavering matriarch, hopes to pass the inn’s legacy to her reluctant daughter, Heather, who is torn between her bustling career in Atlanta and the quaint inn that symbolizes her family’s history. However, Heather’s world takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious stranger arrives, prompting her to reconsider her destiny and the inn’s legacy. Amidst this, the acclaimed author Madeline Harper is navigating small-town life, questioning whether she can truly settle down or if the allure of the big city will call her back.

With 246 pages of intrigue, this book promises to be a compelling exploration of family, heritage, and the choices that shape our lives, set for publication on September 28, 2023.

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