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In ‘Alpha Awakening ePUB,’ Niev embarks on a poignant journey of nesting and anticipation as she prepares for her daughters’ arrival in her new home. However, just as she begins to settle, life disrupts her once more. Blake, torn between his profound connection to Niev and the primal instincts he’s bound by, grapples with the difficult choice of uprooting her from the life he’s carefully constructed. Despite the compelling call of Selene, he’s determined to honor Niev’s wishes. As this gripping tale unfolds across 294 pages, readers are left wondering whether Niev will uphold her promise and follow Blake into the unknown, wherever his wolf instincts may lead.

Published on August 12, 2023, ‘The Call of Selene’ promises an enthralling exploration of love, sacrifice, and the primal forces that bind us.

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