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“Angel of Mercy ePUB” by Cara Malone is a gripping romantic thriller that follows Tate Macawi, a rookie investigator with the FCPD homicide division, as she delves into a perplexing case at an upscale nursing home in Fox County. What seems like a routine death investigation takes a dark turn when Tate uncovers a web of secrets and corruption among the nursing home staff. Caught in the middle is Callie Mazur, a captivating nurse who both helps and mystifies Tate. As the self-proclaimed Angel of Mercy strikes again, Tate must confront her growing feelings for Callie while trying to determine if the woman she’s falling for could be a cold-blooded killer.

This pulse-pounding story offers a thrilling mix of fast-paced action, psychological suspense, and the complexities of love and duty, all set against the backdrop of the Fox County Forensics world.

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