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In the gripping queer novel ‘Breaking the Rules ePUB,’ John’s life takes a precarious turn when he’s thrown out of his family home for being trans, and now he must walk a tightrope to maintain his scholarship and RA job. Enter Hayden, the charming troublemaker who weaves a web of white lies that embroils John in a fake friendship. As they navigate this high-stakes game, John finds himself breaking rules he never thought he would, all while toeing the line of the most forbidden of Campus Housing regulations: no romantic entanglements between an RA and their resident. With 268 pages of tension, emotions, and complex characters, this novel explores the delicate balance between love and duty in a world that refuses to accept anything less than authenticity.

Published on September 4, 2023, ‘Breaking the Rules’ is a captivating read that explores identity, resilience, and the unexpected power of connection.

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