Circus Creeps (Sinner’s Sideshow Duet Book 1) by Aiden Pierce eBook free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free.

“Circus Creeps Aiden Pierce ePUB” takes readers on a dark and thrilling journey into a twisted and supernatural circus world. The protagonist, a half-succubus with a show business heritage, finds her true calling in the grotesque and depraved Sinner’s Sideshow – a circus tailored for the most monstrous entities. The narrative unfolds as she encounters a demonic ringmaster, a mysterious hellhound shifter, and a pair of incubi clown twins, unraveling a compelling and forbidden connection. The story delves into a realm of death, darkness, and unsettling carnivals, revealing her destined ties to the circus and its eerie inhabitants. However, the path to acceptance is laden with challenges as her half-blood lineage clashes with the circus’s strict norms. In her quest to belong, she’s driven to form pacts with malevolent forces, adapt to bizarre performances, and surrender herself to the ringmaster and his unconventional troupe.

“Circus Creeps” weaves a captivating tale of forbidden love, identity, and the allure of the macabre, where the protagonist’s yearning for acceptance drives her to the edges of darkness.

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