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In “Cruel Promise ePUB,” the gripping second installment of the Oryolov Bratva duet, a seemingly innocent mishap involving a dirty voicemail sets off a chain of events that leads to an unexpected and life-altering twist for the protagonist. Ruslan Oryolov, the boss, becomes the unexpected father-to-be, forcing both him and the protagonist, Emma, to confront their true selves and their evolving feelings. As the story unfolds, secrets are uncovered, revealing the real Ruslan, and a decision is made to leave the city, taking beloved children along. However, Ruslan’s determination to keep his unborn child by any means necessary adds an element of suspense and cruelty, as he promises to relentlessly pursue Emma no matter where she runs.

This intense and emotionally charged tale of love, sacrifice, and the dark underbelly of the Oryolov Bratva crime family will keep readers on the edge of their seats throughout its 470 pages. Readers are advised to first delve into the captivating story of Ruslan and Emma in “Cruel Paradise,” the duet’s first installment.

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