Crush, an Lesbian Romance eBook by Ana Hartnett Reichardt free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free.

“Crush Ana Hartnett Reichardt ePUB” follows Josie Sanchez, a dedicated winemaker, as she stakes her dreams on the upcoming grape harvest at Cadieux Vineyards. Her aspiration to craft an award-winning pinot noir, and with it, secure her own wine label, hinges on this pivotal moment. However, her plans take an unexpected turn with the arrival of Mac, the owner’s captivating yet inexperienced niece, who becomes Josie’s reluctant harvest intern. As they navigate the demanding world of winemaking, Mac’s mischievous tendencies and undeniable allure challenge Josie’s focus. For Mac, seeking redemption from a lackluster marketing career, joining the renowned Willamette Valley wine scene brings her face to face with Josie’s enigmatic presence. Amidst the backdrop of lush vineyards, their forbidden attraction flourishes, promising a romance as complex and unpredictable as the wines they aim to perfect.

“Crush Ana Hartnett Reichardt ePUB” is a tale of ambition, chemistry, and the intertwined destinies of two women as they navigate a crush that promises to be as tumultuous as the harvest itself.

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