Dangerous Secrets (Agile Security & Rescue Book 8) by Jenna Gunn free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free.

In “Dangerous Secrets ePUB,” the first installment of the gripping Agile Security & Rescue Series by Jenna Gunn, Justin ‘Dozer’ Roark, a former SEAL on his inaugural civilian security assignment, finds an unexpected advantage in the form of a fabricated romantic rendezvous with an alluring stranger. However, the plot takes a treacherous turn as he becomes entwined in the perilous tangle of her life riddled with deceit. Having sworn off love due to his own haunting past, Dozer’s resolve is tested when he discovers that the cocktail waitress he hired holds a tragic history of her own. McKenzie Rush’s life took a devastating turn after her father’s demise, leading her into the clutches of an abusive figure. As Dozer comprehends the gravity of her dire circumstances, his mission transforms into a relentless pursuit to safeguard her. Amidst the danger, secrets, and shifting emotions, the book explores the burgeoning connection between the two, as Dozer strives to reveal truths while demonstrating that genuine love can transcend a foundation built on falsehoods.

Set in a world of suspense and protective heroism, “Dangerous Secrets Jenna Gunn ePUB” offers readers a scintillating blend of fake date romance and heart-stopping suspense, where danger and desire collide.

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