Defended By a Duke (The Beresford Adventures #6) by Cheryl Bolen eBook free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free.

Duty to his country keeps him from the arms of the woman he craves with every breath—his bride. On the day he marries the woman of his dreams, Richard Harwood, the 6th Duke of Bentley, is summoned by his wife’s cousin, who has been gravely injured. The cousin, the powerful and wealthy Earl Devere, believes the attempt on his life is tied to his fledgling investigation into a potential stock fraud endorsed by men at the highest levels of government. If the stock scheme is as corrupt as the cousin suspects, it could bankrupt the kingdom. The Duke of Bentley is taxed with determining the legitimacy of the stock offering. But he must tell no one of his suspicions, not even his bride. In her first Season, lovely Emily Beresford, has the good fortune to win the heart of the kingdom’s most sought-after matrimonial catch, the handsome Duke of Bentley. From the moment they met, the two have been hopelessly in love. So why does this man she adores abandon her on their wedding night? Bentley’s inquiries keep stealing him away from this woman he craves with every aching breath, his wife. These same inquiries endanger him—and his adored duchess. Will he have to choose between his country or his wife? Read free in Kindle Unlimited! The Beresford Adventures Lady Mary’s Dangerous Encounter My Lord Protector With a Little Help from my Lord Rescued by a Rake Vindicated by the Viscount Defended by the Duke.

This historical romance, spanning 192 pages, unfolds a tale of duty, love, and intrigue, where a Duke must balance his loyalty to his country and his passionate love for his bride.

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