Embers & Effigies (Fairytales with a Twist #12) by Mila Sin eBook free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free.

In “Embers and Effigies ePUB,” the protagonist’s meticulously planned Omega life takes an unexpected turn when her sister and best friend whisk her away for a bachelorette party that leads to an unusual encounter involving a thong. This chance encounter results in a scent match, but there’s a twist: the thong’s owner is part of a sold-out traveling show, and she’s already engaged. However, she defies convention, driven by an impending heat and an innate urge to follow her instincts. She embarks on a journey across the country, believing that if Prince Charming can find Cinderella with a shoe, she can find her own version of a fairy tale with a thong. Little does she know, Fate has more surprises in store, including not one but three scent matches that will profoundly reshape her life. “Embers & Effigies” offers a unique twist on the Cinderella tale in an omegaverse setting, promising a reverse retelling with minimal angst and plenty of shenanigans.

This is a story for adult readers that explores themes of love, destiny, and unconventional paths to happiness within the context of the omegaverse genre.

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