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In “Fanged Interest Chloe Peterson ePUB,” a gripping paranormal romance novel published on September 2, 2023, Jordan, a powerful vampire, comes to the rescue of a beautiful human named Sky during a werewolf attack, only to discover that Sky is her true mate. However, Sky’s reaction is far from what Jordan expected as she flees in fear upon seeing Jordan’s fangs. Desperate to win Sky back and erase her mother’s crippling medical debt, Jordan proposes a unique arrangement: Sky must pretend to be Jordan’s lover for a year. As their charade unfolds, the dark and enticing vampire world becomes increasingly dangerous for Sky. Despite their initial intentions to keep the relationship professional, stolen touches and passionate nights threaten to blur the lines. To make matters worse, Sky uncovers a sinister plot to remove her from the paranormal world prematurely, and she must navigate this perilous terrain to ensure her survival. With a mix of romance, danger, and intrigue, “Fanged Interest” explores the complexities of love and the risks one is willing to take in the supernatural realm.

This 232-page Kindle edition promises a thrilling and seductive journey into a world where destiny and danger collide.

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