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“Foreign Exchange Abby Knox ePUB” is a charming tale of love and nostalgia that follows the journeys of two former high school classmates, Cian from Dublin and Serenity, as they receive invitations to their class reunion. Cian, once a shy foreign exchange student, has never forgotten his first crush, Serenity, who was his only friend during that time. Serenity, despite the bullying she endured in school, fondly remembers Cian as the sweetest person she knew. When they both decide to attend the reunion, their paths are set to cross once more, transcending the Atlantic Ocean.

This heartwarming story, part of a collection by Instalove authors, explores the themes of reconnecting with the past, rediscovering old friends, and the possibility of rekindling a long-lost romance amidst the backdrop of high school memories and personal growth.

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