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“Fragments Nyla K” delves into the gritty realm of MM romance within the confines of Alabaster Penitentiary. Set against a backdrop of darkness and survival, the story navigates the treacherous world of the prison with its enigmatic characters. The book intertwines the lives of Warren Xavier and Lex “Luthor” Deon, each battling their own demons within the prison’s walls. Warren, once a manipulative prince of privilege, now uses his cunning to manipulate affections, while Lex, a brilliant hacker, becomes a beacon of light in the prison’s darkness. As their connection deepens amidst a dangerous atmosphere, the narrative explores themes of desire, power, and vulnerability. The warning to tread cautiously due to sensitive content underscores the novel’s raw intensity as the characters grapple with their pasts and uncertain futures.

Book NameFragments
AuthorNyla K
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, eBook
Fragements Nyla K pdf details

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