In the world of businessmen, striking deals to fulfill their desires is a common practice. As the co-founder of Limelight, the author of “Give Me What I Want in ePUB/PDF formats by Addison Carter is no exception.

Give Me What I Want ePUB Overview:
“Give Me What I Want (The Mini Muse)”
follows the journey of the co-founder of Limelight, a person who regularly makes deals with numerous individuals in the music industry. However, an unexpected turn of events brings back a deal made long ago with his best friend. When Violet, a mesmerizing woman from a seaside bar, arrives on his doorstep to collect, he faces a dilemma that could change his life forever.

Key Takeaways:

  • Businessmen often make deals to get what they want.
  • An old deal with a best friend resurfaces, complicating matters.
  • A captivating woman named Violet enters the picture, capturing his heart.

“Give Me What I Want (The Mini Muse)” is a gripping tale of deals, desires, and unexpected connections. Dive into this intriguing story and witness the protagonist’s struggle between honoring his word and following his heart.

Experience the captivating world of music and love as you explore the consequences of past promises and the power of newfound emotions.

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