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“Hacker Zack Wish ePUB” is a sizzling novella that delves into the life of Kyle Courtney, a young man facing a digital nightmare as he’s locked out of his online existence. Frustrated and at the brink of giving up city life for a quieter one in the countryside, Kyle’s determination to overcome adversity is unwavering, especially with the support of his loyal stuffie, Snowy. However, his world takes an unexpected turn when a drop-dead gorgeous plumber named Roddy Hacker Devine arrives, skilled not only in fixing pipes but also adept at hacking. Roddy’s protective Daddy instincts come into play, and he’s more than willing to help Kyle, even if it means pushing the boundaries of his hacking abilities. As their partnership deepens, so does their electric chemistry, and together they confront not only digital challenges but also the complexities of their blossoming relationship. “Hacker” is a passionate MM Daddy age gap age-play romance, featuring a brainy Daddy and a spirited yet sweet boy. With banter, spanking, and scorching heat, this novella promises a heartwarming HEA amidst the backdrop of a technologically charged world.

Set in the universe of the Mafia Daddies NYC series, this standalone story packs plenty of intrigue and passion into its 88 pages.

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