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“Hex and the City ePUB” by Kate Johnson takes readers on a bewitching adventure featuring Poppy, a witch with enchanting, Rapunzel-like hair, who resides in a charmingly ramshackle house adjacent to Highgate cemetery with her coven leader, Iris. Poppy’s day job at Hubble Bubble, a Covent Garden magic shop, deals in the realm of make-believe magic until an unexpected mishap occurs. In a twist of fate, Poppy unintentionally sells a cursed pendant to Axl Storm, a handsome celebrity magician towering at six-foot-four. When the pendant unleashes chaos, it’s up to this unlikely pair, one with faux magic skills and the other possessing genuine powers, to restore order.

Amid the pandemonium, sparks fly both within and beyond their cauldron of magical mishaps, promising a spellbinding tale filled with humor, romance, and the unpredictable blend of real and fake magic.

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