House of Lycan by Lyra Forger eBook free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free. This book is Part of: The Originals of Grimm Academy (3 books) series.

In the enthralling novel, the protagonist Rhea’s final year at the prestigious Grimm Academy takes an unexpected turn as she discovers herself being hunted by a deranged criminal, shattering her perfect plans.

Rhea, a driven student and aspiring journalist, is compelled to confront the relentless stalker, who happens to be Synn Iarro, the Broken Fae, recently escaped from an inescapable prison.

As Rhea defies her grandmother’s caution and delves into investigating this sinister fugitive, she realizes the case is far more intricate than anticipated. With the world’s fate in jeopardy and an enigmatic mystery to unravel, Rhea must unearth her own past to navigate an uncertain future. Amidst the challenges, the enigmatic allure of the Broken Fae adds to the intrigue.

For readers who relish the works of Shannon Mayer and Sarah J. Maas, this “House of Lycan ePUB” promises an irresistible blend of suspense and magic, aptly likened to “Harry Potter for women who like their books spicy!”

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