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Penelope Ward’s latest “I Could Never ePUB” delves into a captivating tale of forbidden love and unexpected connections. In the wake of a tragic accident that claimed her fiancé’s life, a woman finds herself on an unforeseen journey. When her late fiancé’s father passes away suddenly, she takes on the responsibility of caring for his adult, special-needs brother. Embarking on a cross-country drive to New Hampshire, she plans to ensure her fiancé’s brother’s well-being until a suitable arrangement is made. However, what she never anticipated was sharing this responsibility with Josh Mathers, her fiancé’s best friend and long-time adversary. Despite their mutual disdain, their shared commitment to the brother they both care deeply for forces them to coexist under the same roof. As they navigate this challenging situation, old animosities begin to unravel, revealing unexpected layers of their personalities. Amidst guilt, frustration, and isolation, a transformation occurs, leading to a burgeoning attraction neither saw coming.

Ward’s novel intricately weaves a story of growth, redemption, and the complexities of human emotions, proving that love can emerge even from the most unlikely circumstances.

NameI Could Never
AuthorPenelope Ward
GenreContemporary Romance Fiction

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