Lady Venom Takes A Mistress by Kat Blackthorne eBook free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free.

“Lady Venom Takes a Mistress ePUB” is a dark and enchanting novella that immerses readers into a world where the concept of marriage is a sinister auction. Poesy Laroche, faced with a bleak future as a purchased wife, makes a daring escape into a haunted forest, only to find herself ensnared by the eerie and enigmatic Lady Venom. Inside Lady Venom’s menacing manor, filled with whispering ghosts and slithering snakes, Poesy’s fate takes an unexpected turn as she becomes Lady Venom’s mistress. In this spine-tingling tale, secrets abound within the manor’s walls, and Lady Venom herself holds both danger and pleasure in her grasp. As Poesy grapples with her new reality, she must confront hidden truths that may prove more perilous than a serpent’s bite. This haunting lesbian romance, infused with gothic magic and dark allure, weaves together elements of Medusa and Beauty and the Beast, featuring captivating characters and an intriguing mix of tropes.

Set in The Halloween Boys universe, readers are in for a tantalizing and spellbinding journey through this unique and captivating world.

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