My Reformed Rogue (The Wayward Yorks Book 2) by Tamara Gill free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free.

In “My Reformed Rogue ePUB,” the second installment of the Wayward Yorks series, we delve into the life of Daniel, a man who believed he had reformed from his rogueish ways. However, the inheritance of a marquess title brings with it the opportunity for true transformation, rescuing him from the vices of London. His newfound dedication to responsibility takes an unexpected turn when he allows his captivating new neighbor to mistake him for a mere groom.

Lady Anwen Astoridge, with a passion for horses that often surpasses her fondness for people, is taken aback when she encounters a groom who is not only honest but also remarkably charming. She’s enamored by him to the point where she’d prefer his company over that of London’s titled gentlemen. Unfortunately, her family’s expectations stand in the way of her heart’s desires.

As Daniel’s true identity is unveiled, the question arises: can Anwen forgive his initial deception? Will this supposedly reformed rogue have a chance at a happily ever after with the woman he adores?

This friends-to-lovers Regency historical romance promises a tantalizing journey filled with passion and spice as we follow the blossoming relationship between Daniel and Anwen. Download today and prepare to fall in love with this captivating tale of transformation and romance.

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