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“One Bossy Disaster ePUB” by Nicole Snow is a sizzling enemies-to-lovers romance novel that brings together two polar opposites in a hilarious and steamy tale. The story follows the fiery and independent protagonist, who has a strict no-baggage policy for older men and billionaires. When she crosses paths with Shepherd Foster, a man with the emotional intelligence of a cucumber, their incompatibility is glaring. However, circumstances force them to camp together, igniting a battle of wits and attraction. As Shepherd’s scowls and barbed words give way to unexpected feelings, the stage is set for a disaster that could change their lives forever. With banter galore, slow-burn steam, and a damaged grump falling hilariously hard for an otter-loving brant, this epic standalone promises a wild journey of love and chaos.

Nicole Snow’s captivating storytelling unfolds across 514 pages in this Kindle Edition, offering readers a delightful romantic escapade.

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