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In “Quadruple Daddy Kai Lesy ePUB,” a captivating steamy romantic suspense novel, the protagonist finds herself entangled in a complex web of emotions and danger. The story revolves around a woman who, against all odds, becomes pregnant with the babies of a man much older than her, her best friend’s older brother, and a former member of the Mafia. Despite the seemingly impossible situation, she embarks on a journey defined by an arrangement with three strict rules: no emotions, no attachment, and no turning back. As the narrative unfolds, secrets are unveiled, including one that threatens to jeopardize their lives. Amidst the suspense, the novel explores the boundaries of love, trust, and the lengths a single dad alpha character is willing to go to protect his unconventional family.

With a promise of a happily ever after, “Quadruple Daddy ePUB” navigates a thrilling blend of passion and intrigue that keeps readers eagerly turning the pages.

NameQuadruple Daddy (Dirty Daddies, 1)
AuthorKai Lesy
GenreAction & Adventure Romance
Size3037 KB

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