Remember Always by Ginny Sterling eBook free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free. This Millitary romance book is Part of: Healing Hearts (29 books) series.

In this heartwarming romance novel, “Remember Always Ginny Sterling ePUB,” the playful and mischievous Ian Selkirk finds himself the target of pranks by his team, known for his flirtatious nature. When he unexpectedly receives an emotional letter via email, he assumes it’s just another prank and decides to play along with his charming persona. On the other end, June Peyton is taken aback by the unexpected tenderness displayed by the man she had been asked to write to as a matchmaking ploy. Her skepticism turns to intrigue as Ian’s gestures of affection, including gifts, handwritten songs, and romantic poems, begin to touch her heart. As a lonely widow trying to rebuild her life, June finds herself slowly falling for Ian’s enchanting gestures. However, the turning point comes when the truth behind Ian’s actions is revealed, shattering assumptions and setting the stage for a genuine connection.

Set against the backdrop of a team of soldiers with deep bonds from their time in Afghanistan, ‘Remember Always Ginny Sterling ePUB’ explores love, friendship, and the power of authenticity.

This standalone sweet and clean romance not only captures the blossoming relationship between Ian and June but also offers a glimpse into the interconnected lives of the soldiers, making for a richer reading experience, especially when enjoyed as part of the series.

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