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In “Riding Wild Khloe Summers ePUB,” we delve into the world of mature mountain biker Axel, who’s convinced that dating is a game for the young, filled with tiresome small talk and compromises. His solution? A dating site that guarantees marriage or a refund. However, there’s one person he hopes never to be matched with, a fiery, vivacious waitress named May. Axel is the embodiment of ice to her fire, and together, they’re a tempestuous F5 tornado tearing through the Kansas prairie. Despite his reservations, fate has other plans, and May becomes his unexpected date.

May, on the other hand, views Axel as a big, grumpy, inked, and utterly annoying presence. Their date is the last thing she desires, but she can’t deny the undeniable allure of the man. Trouble brews as May has a relentless ex-stalker who can’t bear to see her with another man. Axel, in all his gruffness, steps in to protect her, igniting a bond neither of them anticipated.

This novella offers a brief yet intense MC romance featuring Axel, a protective mountain biker, and May, a curvaceous and quick-witted waitress. Despite their differences, their connection sparks a passionate journey that unfolds against a backdrop of challenges.

As always, it comes with Khloe’s ‘Easy Escape Seal,’ ensuring a story free from cheating, cliffhangers, and culminating in a satisfying happily ever after.

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