Rise After Fall (Balsam Ridge, #6) by Amber Kelly eBook free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free.

In “Rise After Fall Amber Kelly ePUB,” the protagonist’s life takes a drastic turn from their childhood dream of skiing among the snowy peaks and competing at the highest level. After a single mistake alters their trajectory, they find themselves far from the world of Olympic glory and professional circuits, starting anew in Balsam Ridge, Tennessee. At the Misty Mountain Ranch and Ski Area, they embrace a quieter life, teaching novice skiers and managing the ski staff, trading the grandeur of Whistler or Vail for the serenity they now seek. Amid this transition, they encounter Morris Tuttle, the confident younger brother of the resort’s owner, a man with charm, sexy dimples, and an audacious drive who enjoys getting under their skin. What unfolds is a captivating romance where Morris attempts to thaw the icy walls around the protagonist’s heart, setting the stage for a thrilling game of emotions and desire.

Set against the backdrop of the ski resort, this contemporary romance promises to deliver a tale of second chances and unexpected love.

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