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Angelo Vitali likes to play with his prey, and in this dark and intense tale, the hunter becomes the hunted. The protagonist’s relentless pursuit of Angelo takes a chilling turn when she falls into his clutches. He offers her a sinister ultimatum: her life in exchange for complete submission to his desires.

This psychological thriller takes a twisted and haunting journey as Angelo seeks to dominate every aspect of her being, and there’s another ominous figure lurking in the shadows, hungry for pain and pleasure. As the story unfolds within the ominous walls of the Vitali mansion, the protagonist’s identity and will are stripped away, leaving her at the mercy of these two dark souls. With every page, the reader is drawn deeper into a web of darkness, desire, and despair, as the house of Vitali consumes her, leaving nothing of the woman who once hunted them.

A gripping and unsettling exploration of power, control, and obsession, this book will leave you both captivated and disturbed, pondering the boundaries of the human psyche and the lengths one will go to for survival.

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