Stealing a Scoundrel’s Heart by Rachel Ann Smith eBook free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free. This Seductive Regency Romance book is the twelfth installment of “Wicked Widows’ League” series.

In this enchanting tale, ‘Stealing a Scoundrel’s Heart ePUB,’ the story unfolds around Lady Marjorie Whalen, a tenacious widow determined to embrace her newfound freedom after her husband’s passing. Shattering the constraints of her past as a neglected wallflower, Marjorie embarks on a daring quest to find an audacious rogue willing to accompany her to the annual Wicked Widows’ ball. Little does she know, her path will collide with Alister Knight, Viscount Dartman, a man guarding a profound secret that could shatter his world. As they navigate a delicate dance of hidden truths and undeniable attraction, the boundaries they’ve erected around their hearts begin to waver. Bound by their integrity, Marjorie and Alister must confront their pasts and choose between the love they yearn for and the lives they’ve so meticulously built. A tale of honor, passion, and difficult choices, this novel explores the depths of vulnerability and the power of love against all odds.

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