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In ‘Study Buddy Mayra Statham ePUB,’ Carter Jones, the star diver at a prestigious division one school, finds himself diving into the uncharted waters of romance when he encounters Abby Ramirez. Despite his initial enthusiasm, Carter discovers he’s been relegated to the dreaded friend zone. Determined to win Abby’s heart, he seizes an opportunity to become her study buddy, hoping to turn their academic collaboration into something more. With a big exam on the horizon, Carter is determined to make Abby see his true feelings. This Instalove romance, penned by a group of talented authors, takes readers on a journey back to campus, where love is in the air, and the question looms: who will find their happily ever after this fall—the nerd, the jock, or perhaps even the professor?

Dive into this 88-page Kindle Edition published on September 5, 2023, and find out just how naughty campus life can get.”

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