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“Taken By The Orc General ePUB” by Aurelia Skye is a scintillating blend of science fiction and fantasy, where quantum physicist Dr. Rianna Goodwin inadvertently breaches the boundaries between Earth and mythical realms. This spellbinding tale explores the consequences of her daring experiment, which reopens a long-sealed portal and unleashes Mythic Alphas into our world. Among them, Halox, the enigmatic Supreme General of the orcs, claims Rianna as his mate, initiating a tumultuous journey into love, passion, and a newfound identity as an Omega. As humanity teeters on the brink, the book delves into their struggle to unite two disparate worlds and confront an impending supernatural threat. A sizzling fantasy romance filled with fated mates, enemies turned lovers, and a dominant Alpha hero, “Taken By The Orc General” captivates readers with its independent, intelligent heroine who refuses to be subservient. While leaving some plotlines open for future installments, this 174-page Kindle Edition promises a happily ever after for Rianna and Halox, ensuring a satisfying conclusion to their compelling love story.

Published on September 3, 2023, this novel promises an enthralling escape into a world where science and fantasy collide.

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