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In The Blonde Identity pdf, a gripping and hilarious road trip rom-com, a woman wakes up in Paris with amnesia, only to be confronted by a handsome stranger who warns her to flee, as unknown assailants are after her life.

Three things become evident: a pounding headache, the alluring presence of the mysterious man, and the constant threat of danger.

As she watches footage of herself displaying impressive combat skills against a group of attackers, the shocking revelation hits her: she must be a spy! However, the enigmatic man, Mr. Hot Guy, insists that she is not the spy but rather the identical twin sister of one.

Reluctantly, he divulges that he is a rugged and grumpy secret agent who agrees to help her vanish from the dangerous radar of a lethal criminal organization and the global intelligence agencies pursuing her.

Taking advantage of the guise of newlyweds on their honeymoon, they embark on a deceitful journey across Europe, navigating perilous situations and pretending to be infatuated while striving to expose a deadly conspiracy and clear her sister’s name.

Amidst the secrets they unravel, the truth becomes elusive, leaving her unsure whom to trust: the twin she can’t remember or the captivating man she cannot afford to forget.

As they work together to survive and uncover the truth, the story unfolds with fast-paced action, hilarious moments, and a heartwarming romance. The beloved YA author of the Gallagher Girls series masterfully brings her storytelling prowess to the adult audience, making this a thrilling and entertaining adventure.

Book NameThe Blonde Identity: A Novel
AuthorAlly Carter
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, eBook
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