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In ‘The Guardian Alexis Winter ePUB,’ we are thrust into a world where danger and desire collide in a gripping contemporary suspense novel. The protagonist, a resilient woman scarred by a past heartbreak, finds herself entangled with Alex Rockwell, a charismatic former Special Forces agent turned trained assassin assigned to protect her. As she embarks on a mission to take on a powerful corporation in New York, the stakes are high, not only for her career but for her and her daughter’s safety. Despite her resolve never to trust a man again, Alex proves to be unlike any she’s known, with a rugged exterior that hides a wounded soul. Their relationship evolves amidst stolen moments and boundaries pushed to the limit, sparking a connection that neither expected. However, Alex is adamant about not doing ‘forever,’ leaving them both as mere distractions to each other in the midst of danger.

‘The Guardian’ promises a sizzling narrative of love, suspense, and complex characters, as it explores the intersecting worlds of passion and protection in the backdrop of a high-stakes legal battle.

This 283-page Kindle edition, published on September 4, 2023, sets the stage for a captivating series of alpha men bound by their past and their mission to safeguard lives while navigating the perils of romance.

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