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“The Heirloom ePUB” by Beverly Lewis is a heartwarming prequel to “The Shunning,” offering readers a touching tale of love, belonging, and the courage to embrace the future. In this story, nineteen-year-old Clara Bender, no longer needed in her widowed father’s household after his remarriage, embarks on a journey to find her place in the world within her tiny Indiana Amish community. Upon discovering letters from her mother’s aunt Ella Mae Zook, Clara’s visit to Lancaster County’s Hickory Hollow becomes a potential turning point. Ella Mae, despite her reluctance to leave the farmhouse where she shared fifty years of happiness with her late husband, welcomes Clara warmly. As they bond over the restoration of an heirloom wedding quilt, they also share their life stories, with Ella Mae revealing a tragedy from her own courting years. Eventually, Ella Mae suggests Clara stay for the summer, providing Clara with an opportunity to meet eligible young men in the area. However, unexpected events challenge Clara’s path, prompting her to seek where her heart truly belongs.

Set against the backdrop of Amish life, this novel blends elements of fiction, romance, and Amish culture across 336 captivating pages.

Published on September 12, 2023, “The Heirloom” invites readers into a world of love, self-discovery, and the enduring bonds of family and community.

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