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In “The Love Plot ePUB” by Samantha Young, readers are thrust into a world where magnetic attraction and opposites collide in a delightful steamy romantic comedy. Star Shine Meadows, a carefree gig worker who thrives on no-strings-attached relationships, finds herself in a fake relationship with the uptight New Yorker Rafe Whitman. Rafe, a veterinarian seeking respite from his family’s relentless matchmaking, proposes an arrangement that benefits them both – she poses as his girlfriend at family gatherings, and he liberates her from her odd jobs. As sparks fly and tensions rise, the boundaries of their agreement blur, putting their contrasting desires to the test.

With humor, heat, and a touch of chaos, Samantha Young crafts a story where opposites indeed attract, offering readers a charming and magnetic love plot to savor.

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