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“The Wedding Hoax ePUB” by Crystal Monroe delves into the unexpected journey of a marriage of convenience between the fiery protagonist and her CEO boss, Harry O’Donnell. When their initial clash turns into a surprising proposal, the two enter into a six-month arrangement for personal gain – Harry needs a wife to secure his family business, while she needs financial relief for her mother’s medical bills. As the charade unfolds, the boundaries between pretense and reality blur, and their chemistry becomes undeniable. However, when an unexpected pregnancy shakes their agreement, the book explores the complexities of love and commitment in the face of a temporary arrangement.

“The Wedding Hoax” promises readers a steamy standalone with a heartwarming happily ever after, free from cheating or cliffhangers, making it an engaging and passionate read for those aged 18 and above.

With 270 pages in its Kindle Edition, this captivating story was published on September 20, 2023.

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