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In “The Yearning Alana Khan ePUB,” Eve’s life takes an unexpected turn when she awakens to find herself in the company of a massive, faceless metallic robot named 420. Struggling to survive on this desolate asteroid, she soon discovers that there’s more to 420 than cold machinery – he craves her touch, possesses the soul of a poet, and gradually captures her heart. For 420, who has been alone on this desolate rock for centuries, Eve’s arrival is a celestial gift, and he’s determined to protect her against the harsh environment and any potential threats. As their connection deepens, the line between man and machine blurs. This sci-fi romance by USA TODAY Bestselling author Alana Khan offers a unique blend of love and adventure, promising readers a steamy romance without cheating or cliffhangers, and the assurance of a love-filled happily ever after.

This book, originally part of the Claimed Among the Stars Anthology, is a captivating exploration of love in the realm of artificial intelligence set against the backdrop of a science fiction adventure.

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