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“Time to Shine ePUB” by Rachel Reid is a heartwarming hockey romance that revolves around the journey of Landon Stackhouse, a reserved backup goalie, who gets called up to the Calgary team and finds an unexpected connection with the team’s superstar, Casey Hicks. Despite their stark differences in personality, Casey and Landon become roommates, leading to a charming bromance that gradually evolves into a heartfelt romance. With the backdrop of the holiday season, the story explores the challenges of their growing bond as Landon’s time in Calgary draws to a close.

This 352-page paperback promises to be a merry and bright tale of finding one’s place, people, and the enduring love that bridges even the most unlikely of connections.

Expected to be published on September 26, 2023, “Time to Shine” is a delightful addition to the world of sports romance literature.

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