Tiny and Fierce (Her Alien Crew Book 1) by Sasha Caine free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free.

When Lise Klein unexpectedly assumes control of her family’s deep-space salvage enterprise, she embarks on an extraordinary journey that catapults her through a wormhole into an entirely foreign galaxy, one dominated by enigmatic alien species subjected to the iron rule of a merciless empress. In this unfamiliar realm, Lise discovers she isn’t the first human to find herself stranded, but unlike the others who were captured and enslaved, she’s determined to fight for her freedom and find a way back home. Along the way, she assembles a diverse crew of alien con artists, each with their unique quirks and abilities, and in their camaraderie, she discovers a purpose greater than her own survival. Together, they embark on a perilous quest to liberate an entire star system. Amidst the challenges and the chaos, Lise’s resilience and determination shine through, earning her the respect and love of her alien companions.

‘Tiny and Fierce ePUB’ is a sizzling sci-fi reverse harem romance featuring a fae prince, a sensitive insectoid Chilchek warrior, and a mysterious dragonfly-winged fighter, all united under the command of one diminutive but indomitable human captain. If you’re a fan of Ruby Dixon, Anna Zaires, or Rebecca Royce, this scintillating new addition to the reverse harem sci-fi romance genre is a must-read.

With 166 pages of heart-pounding adventure, it’s available now on Kindle Edition since its publication on August 30, 2023. Don’t miss out—click ‘Tiny and Fierce’ and dive into this captivating tale!

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