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“Unravel Me Becka Mack ePUB” is the third installment in the engaging “Playing For Keeps” series, a collection of mature hockey romance stories featuring interconnected standalone plots. The story revolves around Adam Lockwood, a renowned figure known as the “Golden boy” and “Notorious serial dater” in the NHL, making him the league’s most eligible bachelor.

Despite his apparent success and popularity, Adam finds himself struggling to define his true identity. His past experiences with a heart-wrenching ex-girlfriend and a string of unsuccessful dates have left him questioning who he really is.

However, everything changes when his adorable dog plays an unexpected role as a matchmaker, leading him to encounter a captivating woman named Rosie.

Rosie possesses an enchanting charm with her rose gold waves, brilliant green eyes, and a smile that brightens Adam’s days. The remarkable thing is that she has no idea about Adam’s celebrity status, allowing him to open up and reveal his true self without the burden of fame.

As Adam grows closer to Rosie, she shares her heartache, laughter, and the love she has for her son with him, creating an emotional bond between them.

However, Adam holds on tightly to his inner demons and fears that if he reveals certain aspects of his life, Rosie may not accept him entirely. This fear leads him to keep one small lie, which eventually becomes a secret hanging over his head. As the story unfolds, the prospect of unveiling more truths and potential hidden secrets adds tension and uncertainty to their relationship.

Deep down, Adam yearns for a genuine connection with Rosie, but his biggest fear is that she will uncover the vulnerable side of him, causing him to unravel emotionally. The narrative explores themes of trust, self-discovery, and the willingness to be vulnerable in a relationship.

“Unravel Me ePUB” delves into sensitive subjects, including the grief surrounding the loss of parents and discussions about foster care. The story delivers relatable characters, a mix of emotions, heartwarming moments, and passionate encounters that will keep readers engaged throughout.

Book NameUnravel Me (Playing For Keeps Book 3)
AuthorBecka Mack
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, eBook

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