Vows & Ruins (The Legends of Thezmarr #2) by Helen Scheuerer eBook free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free.

In “Vows & Ruins ePUB” by Helen Scheuerer, Althea Zoltaire, having triumphed against daunting challenges, now faces an even greater test as she endeavors to become a formidable warrior of Thezmarr. Her world takes a tumultuous turn as she grapples with her newfound magical abilities and embarks on a quest to unveil the enigmatic secrets of her family and the looming malevolence threatening the kingdom. Wilder Hawthorne, her mentor, reenters her life, altering everything in the process. With dark forces amassing and an unbreakable connection blossoming between them, they must prepare for an impending war that could either unite or tear them apart. As secrets unravel and danger encroaches, Thea and Wilder fight not only to save their world but also to preserve their own bond.

With a potent mix of action, adventure, and passionate romance, “Vows & Ruins” is the riveting second installment in The Legends of Thezmarr, an epic romantic fantasy series, perfect for enthusiasts of “The Bridge Kingdom,” “From Blood and Ash,” and “The Witcher,” where the fate of entire realms hinges on their success, but the darkness threatens to consume them both.

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