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Caught in a web of desperation and deceit, Yara’s life takes a treacherous turn when she’s caught stealing medication for her illegal sister. Her punishment is participation in RePay, a chilling TV game show that will determine her fate. Her only chance for freedom rests within the sterile confines of Watch Over Me, where enigmatic head engineer Ms. Wilding harbors unsettling intentions. As Wilding’s twisted infatuations veer into dangerous obsession, Yara must summon all her strength to outmaneuver her captor while resisting an illicit attraction. Failure means forfeiting her sole opportunity to rescue her sister through a clandestine pact with Wilding’s famous rival. Yara’s incarceration at Watch Over Me unveils more than she bargained for, unraveling a tapestry of closely guarded secrets that could reshape alliances and redefine freedom. With the countdown to her decision ticking, the line between allies and adversaries blurs, leaving readers to question the true enemy.

Set against a backdrop of advancing technology and moral ambiguities, this near-future dystopian sci-fi thrills with its high-stakes narrative, driven by ambitious women in STEM fields. As a slow-burn, age-gap, CEO, and grey power dynamic sapphic romance simmers in the background, the story evokes echoes of prime YA dystopian tales but delves into darker, more mature themes.

In this first installment of a sapphic romance series, “Watch Over Me ePUB” masterfully combines the suspenseful essence of DIVERGENT and THE HUNGER GAMES with its own unique flavor, creating a compelling narrative that spans 452 pages of Kindle Edition, published on August 30, 2023.

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