When the Duke Loved Me (The Rake Chronicles, #1) by Lydia Lloyd eBook free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free.

In “When the Duke Loved Me ePUB,” Catherine Forster and John Breminster find themselves entangled in a passionate encounter at Tremberley gardens, where they’re both masquerading as someone else. Little do they know, their families are bitter enemies, and their forbidden attraction sets off a chain of events that will shape their destinies. Years later, now a duke, John seeks Catherine’s help to resolve a pressing issue, leading them on a journey filled with temptation and shocking revelations from their shared history.

Set against a Regency backdrop, this historical romance novel takes readers on a captivating road trip through love, secrets, and the enduring power of desire.

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