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In ‘Wicked Coven A.S. Green ePUB,’ the captivating tale unfolds as Stella Aldren, a gifted witch from Salem, is reluctantly tasked with breaking a centuries-old curse that can only be lifted through a witch hunter’s death. Her target is Ethan Mather, a descendant of infamous witch hunters running for governor. However, when Stella’s plan to end him collides with an intense, unexpected attraction and a mysterious, untapped magic surrounding him, she finds herself torn between duty and desire. As rival covens from Boston enter the fray, Stella faces an agonizing choice: betray her own coven or kill the man she’s falling for, all while navigating the dangerous currents of dark magic. In this 312-page steamy paranormal romance, readers are plunged into an enthralling world of magic, politics, and forbidden love, reminiscent of K.F. Breene, Kim Richardson, and Charissa Weaks.

A tale of enemies turned lovers, ‘Wicked Coven ePUB’ promises an irresistible blend of fantasy and passion, leaving readers eager to dive into its enchanting pages.

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