Wrath’s Call (The Sanctuarium Saga Book 1) by Kate M. Hopley free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free.

“Wrath’s Call ePUB” is an enticing blend of paranormal and fantasy romance that immerses readers in a world where the delicate balance between sin and virtue hangs in the balance, with demons, angels, and humans coexisting. Marik, the demon emissary responsible for maintaining this equilibrium, discovers a daunting truth: archangels are attempting to eradicate sin from Earth. To preserve the balance, Marik embarks on a quest to find the chosen being who can restore order.

Amidst this cosmic struggle, we encounter Aeryn Ryan, a young healer facing the daunting prospect of joining one of the guilds responsible for managing rogue immortals. However, as a female healer, her fate may involve something far more ominous than she could have imagined. Aeryn holds a forbidden secret that could make her a target for the guilds’ experiments, forcing her to hatch a daring escape plan. But when mysterious murders rock her academy, she becomes the prime suspect, throwing her plans into disarray.

As the clock ticks, Marik infiltrates the academy during the selection process, believing Aeryn to be the chosen one who can fulfill the prophecy and restore balance. His mission: to safeguard her from falling into the clutches of the guilds, whose intentions could plunge her into a perilous fate.

“Wrath’s Call” is a slow-burning tale of paranormal and fantasy romance, featuring an alpha anti-hero and a fiercely snarky heroine. The story delves into possessiveness, fated connections, forbidden powers, and brims with sass, making it a must-read for fans of authors like KF Breene, Lexi C Foss, Jaymin Eve, Nalini Singh, Amelia Hutchins, Jeaniene Frost, Stephanie Hudson, Sarah J Moss, Jennifer L. Armentrout, and Suzanne Wright.

With mature themes, it’s best suited for readers over 18. Published on September 8, 2023, this 359-page Kindle edition promises an immersive journey into a world where love and danger intertwine amidst celestial forces.

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