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The “You Belong with Me ePUB” full series by Whitney G. is a collection of steamy novels that includes “Break Up with Him, for Me” and “Pretend It’s Real, for Me.” The series delves into a captivating narrative where Penelope’s best friend expresses his feelings in the wee hours of the morning. He’s exhausted his role as the advisor in Penelope’s pursuit of another man, and in a heartfelt confession, he emphasizes that this guy doesn’t deserve her. Amidst denying jealousy and material comparisons, he reveals his sincere belief that Penelope deserves someone better, someone who has been right before her all along. Though known as the “Cocky King of New York” and the “Untamed Playboy of Manhattan,” he pleads for a chance to convince her to break up with her current partner and consider what they could share together.

The series blends passion, friendship, and unspoken desires into a compelling story of love’s unexpected twists and turns.

Book NameYou Belong with Me: Full Series
AuthorWhitney G.
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, Free Kindle

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