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In “Apples in the Fall ePUB” by Laney Lockett, Aurora and Quinn have taken the plunge into marriage, but their path to a blissful ending is uncertain. Aurora’s dedication to her orchard, her daughter Mila, and Quinn is hindered by her parents’ disapproval of her choices.

The story revolves around Aurora’s aspirations to secure ownership of the orchard and the success of their upcoming apple harvest. Quinn adores his role as Aurora’s husband, yet a longstanding family dispute with his brother looms over their happiness. As Aurora values family deeply, Quinn grapples with the dilemma of reconciling with his brother to honor her principles.

Amidst the picturesque apple orchards of eastern Washington, this passionate and heartwarming novella explores whether Aurora and Quinn can overcome their challenges, mend broken bonds, and pave the way for a hopeful future.

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