Big D Wolf (Big Wolf on Campus Book 5) by Aidy Award free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free.

In “Big D Wolf ePUB,” we dive into the story of Madison, a plus-size girl looking for an escape from the bullies at her former school who thought her size excluded her from playing sports. Her ticket out is transferring to Bay State University, where her father coaches the football team, and her dreams of establishing a training center for women like her can come true.

Amidst the demands of school and work, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to the formidable defensive player on the Dire Wolves team, who harbors a secret: he’s a wolf shifter. When he realizes Madison is his fated mate, their connection is undeniable, even though she’s declared off-limits by her father, the coach. As danger looms, he must reveal his true identity to protect her, risking his place on the team and at the university. Madison’s aversion to confrontation adds another layer of complexity to their relationship.

“Big D Wolf” is a thrilling tale of fated mates, wolf shifters, and a plus-size heroine, showcasing the power of love to conquer all obstacles, even those enforced by a coach’s whistle.

This novel is the latest addition to the captivating Big Wolf on Campus series, offering readers a passionate and rule-breaking romance in a world of secrets and undeniable passion.

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