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In “Imposter Alexia Mantzouranis ePUB,” Amelia Drakos, the glamorous frontwoman of the world-renowned band Times Three, and Levi Miller, the gritty face of the up-and-coming band Triple Threat, find themselves thrust into an unexpected situation. Forced to share a studio space due to unforeseen circumstances, their initial animosity is palpable. Amelia’s public facade hides a world in turmoil, while Levi is determined to outshine his rivals and steer clear of his past demons.

As fate would have it, circumstances take a dramatic turn when their studio burns down, leaving them with no choice but to coexist under one roof. Tensions flare between both bands, but when rumors surface of a scandalous romance between Amelia and Levi, their managers see an opportunity for a publicity stunt. What starts as a fake relationship soon becomes a grueling experience, with emotions swinging wildly between love and hate.

Amidst the forced proximity, their feelings grow increasingly complex. Moments of intense dislike give way to touches that feel all too real. Yet, as they teeter on the precipice of giving in to their true desires, they realize that the price of succumbing to love in a world where they’re forbidden to do so could cost them everything. This gripping romance, set against the backdrop of the music industry, explores the boundaries of love, rivalry, and the sacrifices one must make for the heart’s true desires.

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